Grünerløkka is a mecca for shopping!
Many independent shops
with unique selection and offers.


The Taste of Løkka

You'll find a great selection of diverse
cafés restaurants and bistros.
– often cheaper than downtown!



Grünerløkka is well known for it's
bustling nightlife, concert venues,
bars and clubs.


Park Life

The many parks are very popular
with both locals and guests.
Bring your picnic blanket and relax!


PiPfest in June

Picnic in the Park. A chill summer festival with international stars in the middle of Grünerløkka – it's just beautyful!


The marvelous garden on the mound

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Oslo is a city spoiled with an abundance of beautiful parks. It rarely takes more than a few minutes walk from your door to arrive at the nearest green space. We all have our favourites,…

A healthy guide to Grünerløkka

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Whether you need a detox from an unhealthy night out, or you actually are one of those super-humans that eats well and treats your body like a temple, this is the guide for you. UR…

A thirst quenching guide to Thorvald Meyers gate

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If you find yourself thirsty in Oslo, Grünerløkka is a haven for everything liquid – whether it is healthy kambucha or the locally brewed beer. Let’s be very clear, though - this is not the…

A practical guide for staying in Grünerløkka

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You have rented an apartment in Grünerløkka for a few days, but are pretty clueless as what to do next? Need groceries, or a bottle of wine? Wondering what todo? Here's everything you need to…

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