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Schala & Partners Eiendomsmegling

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Schala & Partners Grünerløkka is your local real estate agent in the Grünerløkka district. With us, you will find brokers who really have their heart in Oslo, and are passionate about assisting you with buying and selling a home in the world’s best city.

Grünerløkka is perhaps Oslo’s most famous and talked about district. Known for, among other things, its rich and varied cultural life, its diverse green parks and its exciting history. For its colorful apartment buildings, its conservation-worthy wooden houses, unique shopping opportunities in exciting niche shops and world-class culinary experiences. A home for 62,000 lucky people in Oslo, and Oslo’s most populous district! Variation is a key word here. Here you can live in everything from conservation-worthy, charming wooden houses on Rodeløkka to new and modern tower apartments on Vulkan. Creative enthusiasts have made the «Løkka» what it has become, from Edvard Munch to Jan Vardøen. And everyone knows that the Akerselva is at its most beautiful flowing through Grünerløkka? We think so, at least!

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