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Sabrura Markveien

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Sabrura – piece by piece.

Ever since we put the first salmon over the rice, the aim has been to make sushi a Norwegian everyday food. That is why we have perfected the sushi rice and dipped our creativity into both Norwegian and Asian waters. The result? A buffet full of fresh sushi – with a Norwegian twist.

If you are not yet in the mood for sushi, we have some alternative options on the buffet. Discover delicious chicken and crispy fish on sticks – in a beautiful combination with dumplings, spring rolls and other Asian flavours. When your stomach rumbles, stock up on the pieces that tempt you the most. Because we want you to eat until you are full – without it costing your shirt.
We prefer that you keep your shirt on. But what it looks like is not so important. Come as you are – and bring the flock with you.
Restaurants filled with sushi, air and love.

Yes, we LOVE Sabrura. Love is in the air – literally, because here we work according to the values E-L-S-K.

We are proud ambassadors who take responsibility for the entire business – financially and socially. Never halfway, never a little.

We are passionate about our work, thrive in a hungry performance environment and have a warm heart for food and people.

We play each other well, wish each other success and know that we always perform best together.

We are aggressive and seize opportunities for development and growth. We know that good results come from creating and recreating great guest experiences – better every day.

We have a raw concept at a popular price.
Curious why guests keep flocking to Sabrura? No bribes. Only a raw business idea. Sushi buffet made from first-class ingredients – at a popular price.
The man, the woman and the children in the street like it.
In addition, we take care to give the guests a good atmosphere around the dishes. The premises create a good atmosphere. It is clean, neat and tidy. You feel seen and looked after – even when the restaurant is full. And then you have us, who enjoy creating good Sabrura experiences every single day.

If we are proud of what we achieve together? You can bite your nose on that.

In Sabrura Markveien you can enjoy our food combined with something tasty to drink. We have various sorts of beverages, and a selection of local  and organic drinks that fit perfectly with the food that we serve.


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