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Out & about around Grünerløkka

By 24. april 2023november 20th, 2023Visitorinfo

Since our last «A locals guide to Grünerløkka», a lot has happened. Therefore, we’re putting out this mini-guide with some of our new favorites and some Grünerløkka classics. Also, be sure to check out article Akerselva – a river walk in the city.

This time we have focused on a few particular streets, namely the main thoroughfares of Thorvald Meyers gate and Markveien, and some of the side streets connecting them. Coming from Oslo’s citycentre to Grünerløkka, you’ll probably cross over one of two bridges, Nybrua or Ankerbrua. This will lead you straight into Søndre gate, which offers some of Grünerløkkas finest dining options!

At the western end, on the corner of Markveien and Søndre gate, you’ll find the recently established sushi restaurant, Sabrura! The name, although Japanese sounding, is actually the punchline of a whole host of fairly dirty Norwegian jokes. Completely untranslatable, you should probably ask a local!

If sushi isn’t your cup of tea (sorry, plate of fish..), continue down Søndre gate. Soon you see the bistro Le Benjamin. This cozy eatery offers genuine French cuisine with only the best produce. Be sure to check out the selection of French cheeses, one of the very best in Oslo. Booking is advised! Just next door to Le Benjamin lies its geographically appropriate Spanish neighbor, Delicatessen. This popular restaurant has the honor of being Norway’s very first tapas-bar, and has been here since 1999!  

Back in Markveien, you will find all the familiar independent shops. Mitt Lille hjem with Scandinavian interior designs, homeware, women`s clothing and more. Ask & Embla with Scandinavian brands for him and her, and useful and decorative accessories. Lykka på Løkka with its hawaiian shirts, boilersuits, jumpsuits etc. 

Frøken Dianas Salonger has great success with its ethical line of fashion called «Diana’s Vintage». Kaibosh is an independent Norwegian eyewear company with exciting designs. More Norwegian designs are found at Hasla Brand Store. The jewelry store has its own line of beautiful designs, and features a selection of other Scandinavian brands as well. 

Explore Chillout travel store with all the gear you need for travel and hiking. They have coffee as well. Robot with vintage, restyled and new clothes – and vintage sunnies! The eclectic and newly opened second-hand shop Xaki is also worth a visit. 

A few blocks further north you’ll find more additions to Grünerløkka’s burgeoning food-scene. Hot Temper, Nordre gate 24 is for chicken-lovers. Inspired by the cuisine of the southern United States their spiciness-level ranges from Ghost to Death, so consider this your warning!

Around the corner, back in Markveien is where Løkka’s newest Italian has settled. MiTo serves small dishes and snacks the Italian way, and can surely offer the very best aperitivo.

Further up the street is Jose’s Taco & Quesadilla bar. Formerly located in the Vulkan-area, Jose’s is well known amongst the locals and serves delicious Mexican food with proper Mexican cervezas to wash it down!

Next is the american style deli Løkka Deli with is’s delicious sandwiches. But if you are in the mood for some Norwegian, check out Haralds Vaffel where you can get the traditional style vaffel, but also with a lot of twists. You choose!

At some point, unfortunately, we have to stop eating. At least to build up appetite for the next meal! What better to do then than check out some of the new shopping concepts this area has to offer.

Just across the street, Markveien 35, you’ll find Floke and Eftir. A unique idea and concept, Floke is both a makerspace/workshop, a monthly market and a shop open on a regular basis. Intended to be a platform and community maker for creative souls, they offer spaces for various arts and handicrafts as well as a venue where the art and products made here are sold.  In short, what you find here, you won’t find anywhere else. Floke’s neighbor, Eftir, has sustainability as their main guideline. They also offer vintage clothing, and if you want to trade in some of your old clothes, you’ll get a giftcard to use on some new ones!

Across the street, Manillusion is still one of the women’s favorites. This vintage, 50s style inspired fashion boutique now offers some second-hand dresses as well. Now make a small detour into the crossing street, Sofienberggata. More specifically, no. 2. You’ll be excused thinking that you’re looking into someone’s apartment. The interior shop Grün is designed to mimic one and offers interior design, furniture and high-quality paint. 

Olaf Ryes square and the streets around are full of different shops, many of them independent and unique. The former cafe Retrolykke has moved to Thorvald Meyers gate and converted to a pure second-hand shop with focus on vintage dresses. The popular Norwegian design brand Holztweiler is opening a new clothing store this spring, this is located next to the «Golden Strip» on the north side of the square, where some of the most popular outdoor restaurants are found, each with its own unique style. Bring you sunglasses!

Another small detour into the east part of Grüners gate, 14 A, can be summed up by two word: Floral explosion! Carousel considered itself part floral design studio part vintage glassware treasure trove. Compass Universe with focus on sustainable clothing and sneakers for men and women is also located across the street.  

Back up into Thorvald Meyers gate again, you can experience the new menu at Mucho Mas – a Mexican institution at Løkka since the nineties. Nearby you will also find Braud toastbar, Muchies burgers and the newcomer, Fat City just up the street. Fat City started as a pop-up during the pandemic. Now an established neighborhood wine bar, the staff is happy to help select the perfect snack for your preferred glass-or vice-versa!

More design gems is to be found just south of Grünerløkka’s largest park, Sofienbergparken. Around Rathkes square you’ll find Alexis & Borg. Carefully selected furniture, decorations, mirrors and more has made this shop into an instant Løkka-classic. A new spot in Rathkes gate is F5 Concept Store, with a curated selection of menswear, womenswear, accessories and other design. They share space with Kuro Oslo where you get your coffee and wine. Rathkes gate has a lot more to offer, and proves once again, that the backstreets of Grünerløkka are definitely worth exploring!

Check out our interactive map over Grünerløkka. You can also pick up a paper map of Grünerløkka at Oslo Visitor Center, central hotels, and in stores and restaurants all over Grünerløkka. A perfect companion when you explore the neighborhood.

Enjoy the trip!

Erlend Øyan

Skribent og Osloguide