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A healthy guide to Grünerløkka

By 2. juli 2019august 6th, 2019Visitorinfo

Whether you need a detox from an unhealthy night out, or you actually are one of those super-humans that eats well and treats your body like a temple, this is the guide for you.

UR kraft + kolonial

 Helgesensgate 16, broth bar, zero-waste, allergy friendly. 

UR kraft + kolonial is a broth bar quite close to Birkelunden at Grünerløkka. It is the only «broth bar» in Norway, serving broth from grass-fed animals on tap, though they do have a vegan option as well. But do take notice: this is not a place catered for vegans – UR’s philosophy centers around healthy fats and vitamins that animals provide. However, everything in this tiny boutique and restaurant is environmentally friendly. The animals are grass-fed, everything is locally produced in Norway, and everything is organic.

The staff at UR wants to show that meat production can be sustainable for the environment, and they are all eager to share their knowledge. The owner and «mother of the place», Siv, used to be politically active in the environmental party. She is especially an advocate for everything zero-waste. On the menu they also serve “Bulletproof” coffee (as they love their healthy fats!), golden lattés, and other options which are jam-packed with probiotics like water, kefir and kambucha.

The locals mainly come here to buy either UR’s own broth, or sometimes just bones, chicken legs etc, for making broth themselves. Or the sourdough bread, which is just delicious! The farmers that deliver milk, eggs or meat stop by quite often, and you might very well be able to pick their brains on how Norwegian farming is done today. UR is all about conversation. It is also worth knowing that the broth they make is based on the Syrian restaurant Aleppo Bahebek’s excess meat. Everything from the animal which Aleppo Bahebek doesn’t use in their cooking, UR uses, as they are working towards a zero-waste society.

Funky Fresh Foods

Hausmanns gate 16, vegan

Funky Fresh Foods is a 100% plant-based, vegan kitchen, situated in the DOGA-location just by the Jakobskirken church at the river. Their food is almost entirely organic, and they serve burgers, pizza, raw cakes, smoothies, soups, salads – everything your vegan heart can desire. On Sundays they have a special brunch menu which is announced on Facebook some days in advance.

Godt Brød Grünerløkka

Thorvald Meyers gate 49, bakery 

Godt Brød is an organic bakery chain in Oslo, but they also ace the art of making salads and sandwiches. Why? You – the customer – are the boss, and they provide tasty, healthy and hearty ingredients. Hummus, lots of veggies, many various meat options, juicy gluten-free bread and Norwegian cheese are some of the ingredients which you can spice up your salad with. They also have a range of dairy-free milk, and while almost every café have either your standard soy or oat milk, Godt Brød offers a delicious and unique combo of almond and rice milk. If you do want to treat yourself, they are famous for their baked goods. We do recommend going here as close to opening hours as possible (6 am on weekdays and 7:30 am on weekends), as the bread and buns are baked fresh on a daily basis.

Sunt og godt

Thorvald Meyers gate 18, café

For the hearty and healthy smoothie lover, Sunt og godt is your kind of place. Stop by for a liquid meal – or make your own sandwich or salad from the counter.